Nanoscribe 3D Prints Micro-Optics at the Nanoscale

Two areas that are emerging in 3D printing are optics and nanoprinting. Companies such as LuXeXceL are pioneering 3D printing optically clear parts for LED arrays and other applications. Meanwhile…

4D Printing & Origami Allow LLNL Researchers to Explore Complex Structures for Important Future Applications

Most of us find 3D printing to be incredibly fascinating. From the hardware, software, and materials that allow us to create objects at the desktop to more complex operations in larger…

Nanoshaping — It’s Additive Manufacturing, But With Tiny Forces And Not Materials

It’s an entirely new method of “additive manufacturing” where the only thing added is 1 or 2 gigapascals of force.  In case you’re wondering, one square inch of water results…

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