Tim Anderson


Flavor Failure: The Fatal Flaw of Revo’s Fake Fish (and Other 3D-Printed Proteins)

Cut into an M&S “Plant Kitchen No Chicken Kyiv” and you’ll be greeted with a gush of garlicky, herb-flecked vegan butter (formerly known as margarine), reassuringly present and correct. The…

Chef Tim Anderson: How LA’s Sugar Lab Unites Culture and Cuisine with Food 3D Printing

Great food often has an element of surprise. Sometimes, that surprise may come as an unexpected flavor—say, a hint of star anise in an otherwise ordinary French onion soup. But,…


Chef Tim Anderson: 3D Printed Redefine Meat May Live Up to Its Name – But Not Quite Yet

There is a long, global history of the manipulation of foods to make them resemble other foods, from mock turtle soup to mock duck to imitation crab. While some of…


Chef Tim Anderson: BluRhapsody and the Possibilities of 3D Printed Pasta

Tim Anderson is a Wisconsin-born chef and writer based in London, specializing in Japanese cuisine. He has published six books on Japanese cookery, including Your Home Izakaya and Japaneasy: Bowls and Bento….