EOS Set to Make a Mark at Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2024

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Anticipation builds as the 2024 Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) event approaches. Set to unfold from February 6-8, 2024, in New York City, this gathering represents the seventh consecutive year that industry pioneers, innovators, and stakeholders will converge to discuss the future of 3D printing. While serving as a benchmark for the 3D printing community, AMS promises a mix of panel discussions, keynotes, and networking opportunities.

With each edition, AMS has strengthened its position as a leading event in the 3D printing world. Beyond the panel discussions and keynotes that explore the central issues of the technology, the event also serves as a kickstart for startups seeking capital. For financial institutions and investors, AMS 2024 offers a global view of emerging technologies, and for established players, it presents an opportunity to showcase their progress and industry trends.

Stefanie Brickwede, managing director of MGA

Conference landscape

Among the participants, EOS stands out as a Platinum sponsor. A powerhouse in the additive manufacturing (AM) arena, EOS’s core technological strength lies in its pioneering Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) processes. DMLS, with its precision in fusing metal powders, has created a niche in producing components demanding high strength and lightweight attributes. Materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and superalloys are also integrated into this process. In contrast, SLS focuses on fusing polymer powders, resulting in durable and intricately designed parts apt for diverse industries. Through these technologies, EOS has developed innovations across sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and healthcare, with creations ranging from airplane components to bespoke medical implants.

Representing EOS at AMS 2024 are two industry experts, Greg Hayes and Virginia Palacios. Hayes is Senior Vice President of Applied Technology at EOS North America and an advisory board member to ASTM International’s AM Center of Excellence. A materials science engineer, Hayes brings vast experience ranging from health tech to aerospace and promises to shed light on the trajectory of AM. His presentation, “Respecting The Past, Inventing The Future,” will touch upon the evolution of 3D printing in mainstream production.

Currently serving as EOS’s Chief Sales Officer, Palacios brings a wealth of experience from her extensive tenure at IT behemoth HP. Palacios will participate in the “Polymers and Composites for AM” panel. Attendees can anticipate gaining insights into her innovative, customer-centric approaches to addressing AM challenges. Drawing from her vast experience, she will also explore the evolving landscape of material innovation in 3D printing, highlighting potential breakthroughs and trends on the horizon.

The road ahead

While EOS is a major player, AMS 2024 promises a comprehensive industry experience. 3D printing pioneer Stratasys, as the Diamond Sponsor, will present groundbreaking advancements. Presenting Sponsor The Barnes Global Advisors and Cantor Fitzgerald and Networking Sponsor AM Ventures will highlight the industry’s growth, emphasizing everything from financial aspects to consultancy in the sector.

Fellow Platinum Sponsors AMT, Lincoln Electric, 6K, Carpenter Additive, Dyndrite, Velo3D, and HP will contribute their unique perspectives and innovations spanning various areas of additive manufacturing. From cutting-edge materials and advanced machinery to sophisticated software solutions and post-processing techniques, these industry leaders will offer a comprehensive view of the current state and future trajectory of 3D printing. Attendees can anticipate enriching discussions, groundbreaking showcases, and insights into best practices that drive the AM industry forward.

The 2024 AMS event will not just be a reflection of where the industry stands but will lay the groundwork for the future. As industry leaders present their visions, innovations, and strategies, attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools to drive the next AM growth phase. At its core, AMS is not just a conference; it’s a standout gathering for 3D printing insights and innovations.

Registration to AMS 2024 is open for those interested in enhancing their understanding of the additive manufacturing landscape.

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