3D Printing Financials: The Highlight of Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2024


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After a resounding success this year, Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) is already ramping up for an impactful 2024 event, scheduled for February 6-8. The seventh edition of this essential industry gathering promises to be a game-changer with an unprecedented roster of speakers.

Focus on Finance

One of the defining elements of AMS is its financial focus, with Investment Strategies segments occurring on all three days of the event. Day 1, features a “Venture Capital for 3D Printing” portion that kicks off with a keynote on venture capital by Arno Held, the Managing Partner of AM Ventures. This leads into a panel discussion moderated by Tyler Benster, General Partner at Asimov Ventures, featuring a notable lineup of venture capitalists. John Hartner, Founder of Digital Industrialist LLC, Frank Carsten Herzog, Founder and Managing Partner at HZG Group, and Jordan Noone, Co-Founder and General Partner at Embedded Ventures, will share their insights on the venture capital landscape specific to the 3D printing industry. The segment will then shift its focus to alternative financing methods with a talk by Gordy Iler, Vice President of Sales at Ascentium Capital.

AMS 2023 Executive Panel. From left: Stephen Butkow (Stifel), Ivan Madera (Morf3D), Mohsen Seifi (ASTM), Glynn Fletcher (EOS), Richard Garrity (Stratasys). Image courtesy of 3DPrint.com.

Day 2 includes the “Printing Money: M&A and Public Markets” panel moderated by Printing Money podcast host Alex Kingsbury, Industry Consultant for Additive Economics. The panel brings together a robust roster of experts in finance, mergers, and acquisitions, specifically tailored to the 3D printing industry, including: Danny Piper from NewCap Partners, Inc.; Bryan Dow of Stifel’s Global Technology Group;  Troy Jensen from Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC; Christian Hartenberger, who leads Industrial Technology and Aerospace/Defense Investment Banking at BNP Paribas; and Arno Held from AM Ventures will discuss venture capital’s role in advancing additive manufacturing. The session aims to paint a holistic picture of the financial landscape in 3D printing, from venture capital and investment banking to M&A activities and public markets. Attendees can expect a thorough understanding of the economic mechanics propelling this fast-evolving field.

Day 3 will round off the event. In a panel titled “Market Forecasts: A Roundtable,” will be moderated by Nick Pearce of Alexander Daniels Global. Experts Matthias Schmidt-Lehr from AMPOWER, Terry Wohlers from Wohlers Associates, and Scott Dunham from SmarTech Analysis will delve into the future trends and market forecasts of the 3D printing industry. Following this discussion is the “CEO Roundtable,” where Stephen Butkow from Stifel, Yoav Zeif from Stratasys, and Benny Buller from Velo3D will discuss challenges and opportunities in the additive manufacturing sector from a leadership perspective.

Finally, the Barnes Global Advisors will conduct a workshop called “The Economics of Additive.” This workshop aims to provide attendees with invaluable insights into the financial aspects of the additive manufacturing industry, covering topics like investment, M&A, and value assessment. Participants will also get hands-on experience with tools like the Simplified View of AM and the TBGA AM Maturity Model to understand a company’s position in the value chain and its growth prospects. Registration is open for those interested in enhancing their understanding of the additive manufacturing landscape. Full AMS registrants receive automatic access to this workshop. You can also opt to register for the workshop only by selecting the appropriate choice on the AMS registration page.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

AMS serves as a fertile ground for industry professionals seeking to forge meaningful connections. With an atmosphere primed for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the event promises to be a hotbed for new partnerships. Attendees can expect to be at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving landscape of 3D printing technologies, thanks to the insights and networking opportunities the event provides.

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