Construction and Electronics 3D Printing: Specialty AM Applications at AMS 2024


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The 2024 Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) event is rapidly approaching, and anticipation is reaching fever pitch within the 3D printing community. Scheduled for February 6-8, this seventh edition of the industry’s must-attend conference promises to be nothing short of transformative.

A home 3D printed in California using COBOD technology. Image courtesy of COBOD.

The “Panel 2: Additive Manufacturing in Construction” is led by Stephan Mansour, an Associate Consultant at Wohlers Associates, ASTM International. With speakers like Jack Oslan, Co-Founder and CEO of Diamond Age, and Vincent Albanese, Manager of Strategic Partnership for North America at COBOD International, the panel is positioned to explore the groundbreaking innovations in 3D printing within the construction sector. Megan Kreiger from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center brings a unique perspective with her background in mechanical engineering and additive construction. This panel is designed to dig deep into the technology and practices reshaping the traditional construction landscape, from automated bricklaying to entire buildings being 3D printed.

A 3D printed circuit board made with Nano Dimension technology. Image courtesy of Nano Dimension.

The “Session 1: 3D-Printed Electronics: Where are the Valuable Applications?” aims to provide a targeted look at how 3D printing technologies are making an impact in the electronics sector. Kicking off with a session keynote, the segment quickly transitions into an expert panel discussion moderated by Eric MacDonald, who brings a wealth of academic and research experience from The University of Texas at El Paso and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The panel is set to dive into emerging markets for 3D-printed electronics with key industry leaders. Kenneth Church, Founder of Sciperio Inc., will likely discuss the innovative research and development taking place in his organization. Robert Yusin, CEO of Optomec, and Yoav Stern, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nano Dimension, will share their corporate perspectives. Given their executive roles in companies focused on additive manufacturing for electronics, their insights will be invaluable for understanding where the industry sees the most promising applications for 3D-printed electronics.

As the event nears, it’s clear that AMS 2024 will serve as a pivotal hub for knowledge sharing, networking, and strategic planning in the additive manufacturing sector. The carefully curated sessions and panels will offer participants an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the brightest minds in the field. From exploring the evolution of 3D printing in the construction arena to identifying valuable applications in the electronics sector, the insights gained during this event will equip professionals for the next frontier in additive manufacturing. As we look forward to February, the potential impact of AMS 2024 is undeniable, promising to leave an indelible mark on the future of the industry.

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