3D Printing News Briefs: December 20, 2020: iFactory3D, Farsoon, DMC & Produmax, EOS

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In 3D Printing News Briefs this weekend, we’re talking about a successful 3D printer Kickstarter campaign, a high-temperature material, a partnership, and a new podcast. The Factory One 3D printer raised twice the amount it needed during its crowdfunding campaign, and a Farsoon customer has developed a new high-temperature titanium for 3D printing. Digital Manufacturing Centre and Produmax are working together to drive a new manufacturing era in the UK. Finally, EOS is launching a new podcast, called Additive Snack.

iFactory3D Announces Very Successful Kickstarter

Last month, German startup iFactory3D began a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund its iFactory One 4-in-1 conveyor belt 3D printer, which features a cool new print error protection system and features for automation. The printer is designed to be upgradeable and customizable, meant for both home and business use, and is clearly very popular. The startup reached its initial goal of $100,000 in just one week, and ended up raising, from 434 backers in Canada, Europe, the US, and Singapore, an impressive $207,000, which is more than twice the original amount for which it asked. General sales for the iFactory One will begin in April of 2021, and iFactory3D also plans to launch a new line of 3D printers next year, which will rely on both crowdfunding and traditional venture capital sources.

We have just rolled out a successful Kickstarter campaign and reached around 186% of our funding goal. The project was supported by 434 backers, discussed by the community, and featured in various media sources. This means good prospects for the technology in general and for our company in particular,” said Artur Steffen, the CEO of iFactory3D. “We are proud to receive support from the community and are grateful to everyone who voiced their opinion on our product and contributed to it. Thanks to the feedback, we have had a chance to improve the printer’s feature set to meet the current needs of users!”

Farsoon Customer Develops High-Temperature Titanium

Farsoon FS271M metal laser sintering system

Aerospace Hiwing (Harbin) Titanium Industrial Co., Ltd (ANTi), a Farsoon Technologies customer, has developed TA32, a high-temperature titanium powder for metal 3D printing. The company has experience in both titanium and the aerospace industry, which often relies on high-temperature titanium alloys to make important, lightweight components like housings, rotors, and intake pipes, and partnered with Farsoon in 2018 with an investment in its metal laser sintering systems. In addition to the TA32 powder, AHTi also developed its processing parameters for use with Farsoon’s open FS271M printer.

The novel α-type TA32 Titanium alloy has a good tolerance for operating in temperatures up to 550°C, and can even work short-term up to 600°C. The material has good mechanical qualities, including creep, fatigue, and tensile, and would be a good alternative to steel or nickel-based superalloys. ANTi’s TA32 powder also reportedly has great material properties, including high fluidity, purity, sphericity, and bulk density, and its physical properties are a good match for metal 3D printing.

Digital Manufacturing Centre Partners with Produmax

Representatives from DMC, Produmax, and DMG Mori stand outside the DMC

Part of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, the Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC), together with its new partner, high precision aerospace engineering expert Produmax, will be working to drive a new era in UK manufacturing by combining engineering expertise, resources, and talent. The DMC, which will launch commercially in March 2021, will benefit by being able to offer end-to-end component development and production for customers in the aerospace, automotive, motorsports, and space sectors, while Produmax will operate a satellite site at the DMC with a suite of DMG MORI precision engineering and machining equipment, which should work well with the DMC’s Renishaw 3D printers.

“The partnership between the Digital Manufacturing Centre and Produmax signifies the coming together of two experienced teams and industry players, both investing in disruptive technology and the future of British manufacturing. The facility itself will be unique and a pioneer for many connected engineering and production technologies, but it is our key partnerships with highly regarded companies like Produmax that will help to fulfil the DMC’s true potential,” said Kieron Salter, CEO at the DMC.

“With a well-earned reputation and an impressive track record within space and aerospace manufacturing, Produmax is an ideal technical partner as we work towards our 2021 launch. Their provision of on-site precision engineering, machining and inspection services will help us to deliver a complete end-to-end engineering-led solution for customers across a range of industries, with fully connected digital support and an uncompromising dedication to quality.”

EOS Launches Additive Snack Podcast

The latest 3D printing podcast on the scene is the new Additive Snack, by EOS. Hosted by Fabian Alefeld, the Additive Minds Consultant Manager for EOS North America, Additive Snack will offer interviews, expert insights, and real-world stories from the industry, so listeners can learn about how to achieve additive manufacturing business growth. Each episode will feature a different AM expert, and the first one, with bei Boston Consulting Group (BCG) partner and associate director Dr.-Ing. Wilderich Heising, is already available for your listening ears. You can listen to Additive Snack episodes on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or Amazon Music. Just subscribe on whichever platform you prefer.

“AM can be confusing, and the path forward can be complex. Additive Snack is here to bring clarity to the chaos by providing best practices and common mistakes to avoid on your AM journey,” the Additive Snack website states. “No marketing B.S and no product pitches. Just the education, inspiration, and information you and your organization needs to drive business growth.”

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