3D Printing News Briefs: September 15, 2017


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Just like earlier this week, today’s edition of 3D Printing News Briefs is bringing you the latest business news from the 3D printing world. We’ve got an update on the TU Eindhoven 3D printed bridge, and BIOLIFE4D has appointed its Chief Medical Officer. Divide By Zero Technologies has won a prestigious award, while the Third International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference in Hungary is fast approaching. Inert will exhibit its PowderShield de-powdering enclosure at TCT 2017, Airbus has installed the first titanium 3D printed parts for a serial production aircraft, and MakeShaper is partnering with 3D Platform to offer 6 mm 3D printing filament.

Update on TU Eindhoven’s 3D Printed Concrete Bicycle Bridge

[Image: Royal BAM Group]

Last year, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) introduced its robotic 3D concrete printer, which releases fluid concrete that’s reminiscent of toothpaste; two months ago, the university began work on a 3D printed concrete pedestrian and bike bridge in collaboration with Netherlands construction group BAM Infra. The bridge, which will measure 8 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, will be 3D printed in several sections out of pre-stressed, reinforced concrete. The 3D printed bridge will be used by cyclists to cross over the canalized river Peelsche Loop, in the town of Gemert, where the first section was recently delivered on the back of a truck.

Marinus Schimmel, the Director of BAM, said, “We have a world’s first here. With 3D printing, you have more flexibility regarding the shape of the product. In addition, 3D printing a bridge is also incredibly efficient: you need less concrete, but there is also no need for shuttering where the concrete is normally poured in. You just use exactly what you need, and there is no release of CO2 emissions.”

The bridge should be completely installed by the end of this month.

BIOLIFE4D Appoints Chief Medical Officer

Bioprinting startup BIOLIFE4D, which recently filed a $50 million initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding rules to raise money for its 3D printed hearts, has just named Jeffrey Morgan M.D., FACS, FACC, a successful thoracic and cardiac surgeon with the Texas Heart Institute, as its Chief Medical Officer. His appointment will boost the leadership team of the company, which is using advancements in life sciences, stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and 3D printing to work on a bioprinted human heart for transplant purposes. Dr. Morgan, who is also in several leadership roles at the Baylor College of Medicine, will be collaborating with the startup’s Scientific Advisory Team to work on bioprinting and transplant process development.

“BIOLIFE4D is committed to assembling a truly world class team with the expertise to help us deliver on our mission to build hearts and save lives. We believe that the ability to bioprint a human heart suitable for transplant is within BIOLIFE4D’s grasp, and we are honored that Dr. Morgan is working with us to make that a reality,” said BIOLIFE4D CEO Steven Morris.

Divide By Zero Technologies Wins 3D Printing World Award 2017

India-based industrial 3D printer manufacturer Divide By Zero Technologies was recently recognized for its excellence and contribution in the automobile, engineering, and tool design sector – it was awarded the prestigious 3D Printing World Award 2017 for being this year’s 3D Printer Manufacturer of the Year. The company supports global and local enterprises with its range of industrial 3D printers, and pioneered the patented Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling (AFPM) technology, which delivers SLS-grade output strength for less cost than FDM printers and is incorporated into its Aion 500 and Aion 500 MK2 3D printers. Divide By Zero is also the first Indian 3D printer manufacturer to export its machines across its borders to areas like Dubai and Malaysia.

The award, which specifically commended the Aion 500 for its ability to increase assembly line efficiency and reduce overall automotive engineering costs, was presented by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions, which is also behind the 3D Printing World Expo, 3D Printing World Think Board, 3D Printing World TV, 3D Printing World News Express, and 3D Printing World School.

Third International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference Coming Up Soon

The first International Interdisciplinary 3D Printing Conference was held in 2015, and after a second successful event held again last year at the University of Pécs (UOP) in Hungary, the university’s multidisciplinary 3D printing hub, the PTE3D Project, has announced that the third annual conference will be held on October 5th and 6th at the university’s Szentágothai János Research Center. Multiple leaders in the 3D printing industry, including 3D Systems, Formlabs, and Stratasys, will be participating as exhibitors at the event, and some of the top international 3D printing experts will be giving keynote speeches and presentations, including:

  • Dr. Mirja Palo, who will present her latest work on 3D printing pharmaceutical and drug delivery devices
  • Formlabs’ Nicolas Klaus, Business Development Europe
  • Dr. Judit Pongracz, UOP’s Bioprinting Research Team Director, who will discuss the latest achievements and remaining challenges toward widespread adoption of bioprinting applications
  • Amy Karle, American transmedia artist and designer
  • José Luis Pons Rovira, who will present his work on 3D printing in Rehabilitation Robotics

Inert Will Exhibit PowderShield De-Powdering Enclosure at TCT 2017

Inert, a worldwide leader in engineering and manufacturing hermetic enclosures and related systems, will be exhibiting its new PowderShield de-powdering enclosure at the TCT Show 2017 in Birmingham, September 26-28th. PowderShield, which features an argon gas management system, is designed to keep operators safe from unhealthy exposure during 3D printing post processing, as well as preventing atmospheric contamination of metal powder and safely collecting the excess powder for reuse. Inert will exhibit its PowderShield de-powdering solution, which also makes use of an optimized combination of technologies through a Sievgen 04 from Farleygreen and an LPW PowderTrace Hopper and print from Sintavia, at Stand G44 in Hall 3 during the TCT Show.

Airbus Installs First 3D Printed Titanium Parts for Serial Production Aircraft

3D printed bracket installed on A350 XWB pylon

Airbus is no stranger to 3D printing technology, and this spring, a 3D printed primary flight control hydraulic component on its A380 aircraft was the first ever to be flown on an Airbus plane. In December, the company acquired an Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) 110 System from Sciaky, Inc. to use for large 3D printed titanium parts. Now for the first time, the company has completed the installation of a 3D printed titanium bracket into a series production aircraft, the A350 XWB. The 3D printed bracket is part of the plane’s pylon, which is the junction section between its wings and engines.

MakeShaper and 3D Platform Offering 6 mm Filament

3D filament and supply company MakeShaper is collaborating with 3D printer manufacturer 3D Platform to develop the industry’s first 6 mm filament that can be used in high flow extruders. 3DPrint.com had a chance to see the filament, which is open source, at RAPID earlier this year in Pittsburgh. According to Erica Edwards, MakeShaper’s Sales Manager, 3D Platform contacted them to see if the company was able to extrude a filament with a larger diameter on one of the high flow extruders they were developing.

“3D Platform spent the majority of 2016 researching ways to 3D print faster. During this time, we realized that making machines move faster would not enable printers to complete their jobs significantly faster as the true limiting factor of throughput is the melting of the filament. In order to create order of magnitude increases in throughput, we had to increase the wattage of our extruders. We then hit a roadblock as we could only feed the material so fast. In order to get more throughput, we had to use larger filament – which didn’t exist,” explained Jonathan Schroeder, President, 3D Platform.

“I knew that MakeShaper produces quality filament and they have the capabilities to make their own tooling and do special projects. When we contacted Erica and told her what we were up to, she was immediately on board. Not only did MakeShaper’s filament work great, but I was really impressed that it only took us days to get it, not weeks or months!”

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