Tiko Finally Admits Defeat, But M3D Comes to Backers’ Rescue: CEO Michael Armani Tells Us What’s Going Wrong with All These 3D Printer Kickstarters

Perhaps you’ve noticed a worrying trend lately – there seem to be more and more Kickstarter campaigns that succeed fantastically, raising funds that far surpass their goals and gathering a…

X3D Machines Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Genesis 3D Printer — Starting at Just $199

Last week, we covered a company called X3D Machines, which had planned on launching a Kickstarter campaign for their Genesis line of 3D printers, starting at a price of just…

Genesis Duo & Uno 3D Printers to Launch on Kickstarter Starting at $249 Next Week

Kickstarter has been a tremendous platform for new 3D printer manufacturers to launch their machines on. While we have seen several projects fail because of a lack of sound business…

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