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3D Printing Is Key to the New Energy Space

While it’s difficult to observe from the standpoint of a subjective individual, human society is currently undergoing a fundamental transformation. Driven primarily by resource depletion and lack of deeper economic…

3D Printing Unpeeled: Wind Turbines, Probiotics and Lenses

TPI Composites, ORNL and Ingersoll Rand are working to make wind turbine tooling segments that can be 18.3 meters long. These elements also include resistive wires that help keep the…


voxeljet’s Stock Revival: $14.9M GE Research Deal Propels Shares

Large-scale 3D printer maker voxeljet (Nasdaq: VJET) has been navigating troubled waters lately, marked by a looming cash burn earlier this year and a decision to review potential strategic changes….

DOE Announces $30M Funding Opportunity for 3D Printed Wind Turbines

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced a $30 million funding opportunity for projects involving wind turbines produced with additive manufacturing (AM). Submissions of project proposals are due March…


World’s Largest Concrete 3D Printing Facility Opened by GE Renewable Energy

The more that the renewable energy and additive manufacturing (AM) sectors evolve, the clearer it becomes how much the two industries have to offer one another. So far, this has…


GE Pursues New 3D Printer for Casting Metal Wind Turbine Parts with Fraunhofer and voxeljet

A team of partners including GE (NYSE: GE), Fraunhofer IGCV and voxeljet AG (NASDAQ: VJET) have announced the establishment of a project to create “the world’s largest 3D printer for…


UMaine 3D Printing Massive Wind Turbine Molds

As global society shifts to renewable energy, there will likely be efforts to make the production of wind turbines faster and more efficient. Fortunately for those involved, 3D printing will…