Political Sculptor is Back with his 3D Printed Runaway Raytheon JLENS Blimp Butt Plug

If you have no idea who Political Sculptor is or why he designed a 3D printable blimp, then allow me to fill in the blanks. Political Sculptor is Fernando Sosa,…

3D Print the Putinator If You Want to Live

The notoriously humorless president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has proven time and time again to be almost completely devoid of a sense of humor. Despite his willingness to stage hilariously…

Where is Vladimir Putin? We’ve Found Him in These Hysterical 3D Prints

As the world searches for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the editors at 3DPrint.com think we may have found him. Putin, who has been uncharacteristically out of the public’s eye for…

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