Where is Vladimir Putin? We’ve Found Him in These Hysterical 3D Prints

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As the world searches for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the editors at think we may have found him. Putin, who has been uncharacteristically out of the public’s eye for ten days now, has been the target of many quite interesting rumors. From being overthrown in a coup, to having a massive heart attack or stroke, to simply having the flu, the international media has been quick to jump to many different and even ridiculous conclusions.

If you are missing Putin as much as some people are, don’t worry. As long as you have a 3D printer or a credit card, you can have him sitting in your own home within days or even minutes. We found Vladimir Putin, and so can you! Check out all of the creative 3D prints below of the Russian President which you can purchase or fabricate yourself from your own desktop 3D printer.

Mr. Putin Butt Plug
This interesting toy is made available on Shapeways, starting at just $24.99, and is printed in a full color sandstone material. Designed by our friends at, this piece has an almost eerie p4resemblance to Putin, with the only difference being that he’s shaped a bit odd….

“I wanted to ridicule Mr. Putin so I wanted to make a voodo-like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to Mr. Putin in the privacy of their own home,” stated this piece’s designer Fernando Sosa. “However, what a better way to attack Mr. Putin’s shirtless bear wrestling reputation? Make him into the shape of a butt plug. If you guys help me make this viral this could get the attention of this homophobe and ridicule him world wide.”

If you are really feeling adventurous, this interesting piece is also available in a variety of other materials, perhaps a bit more friendly to the human body. For a measly $24,156.80, you can enjoy Mr. Putin in solid platinum, for $10,000 you can get the Putin Plug in solid 14k polished gold, and for $1,126.72, this interesting piece is available in solid sterling silver. If you don’t have that kind of budget dedicated to your search for Vladimir, then perhaps the $145 price tag for this piece in several different steel materials will do.

Vlad The Impaler Pencil Holder
Mr. Sosa, didn’t end his hatred for Putin at just a butt plug. After feedback received from the Shapeways community about his first Putin piece, Sosa decided to bring Putin to the desk via a pencil p5holder. This pencil holder probably isn’t what you likely had in mind though. In fact, it only has one hole, and that’s right up Putin’s rear end.

In this piece, Putin is depicted wearing a very sexy (or perhaps unsexy) dominatrix outfit as he’s down on all fours. Not exactly a very authoritative look for the President, who is seen as almost invincible by the Russian populace. For those who are interested, this piece is only available on Shapeways in a full color sandstone material for just $24.

Vladimir Putin Cat Scratching Post

A movement against internet censorship, called the PussyCat Riot, decided to hand Mr. Putin over to the cats. In doing so, they’ve 3D printed Putin’s head,p2 hand painted it, and then adhered it to a cat scratching post which is shaped like his body. Each post is 1.5 feet tall, and takes approximately 200 total hours to design, print and paint.  Considering that these are priced at a staggering $7,000, you would really either have to love your cat a whole bunch or really hate Putin in order to make this purchase worthwhile.

Mr. Putin’s Scientific/Medical Simulation Model

This piece was designed by a man named Jura Dolgorukiy, and uploaded to Thingivere for anyone to download and 3D print from home for free. This design was actually created after Putin went missing. There are three design files in total so that the full Putin bust can be assembled and then taken apart, revealing what’s truly going on in Putin’s mind.

“The project is meant for all who are worried about Mr. Putin’s possible health problems and were alarmed recently with some of the news about his absences,” jokes Dolgorukiy. “This unique tool lets you analyze the internal structure of some of most important parts of his body and immediately simulate and propose taking appropriate measures for solving various hypothetical cases of diseases (that, of course, he hopefully doesn’t suffer). The tool also gives you unique opportunity of an introductory insight into his fascinating, yet complicated mind.”

What exactly is on Putin’s mind? When his 3D printed skull is opened and removed, you will see it clearly…. Left Shark!


The Vladimir Putin Keychain

For those truly missing Vladimir, then what better way to keep him in your heart then with a keychain of his head. Thingiverse Designer ‘alumin’ has presented this piece under a Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license, so that anyone wanting to print or modify this design can do so freely.


That’s it for now. I hope this holds you over until the whereabouts of Mr. Putin are revealed. Let us know if you have ordered or 3D printed any of these pieces. Discuss in the Putin Missing in Action forum thread on

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