Adaptive3D CEO Discusses the Chemistry of 3D Printing Materials

In April of this year, Dallas, Texas company Adaptive3D launched what it said was the highest-strain 3D printable photopolymer in the world. Dr. Walter Voit, CEO of Adaptive3D, played a big…

Researchers Develop Painless 3D Printed Microneedles that Dissolve and Deliver Drugs Under Human Skin

I hate getting shots more than almost anything, except maybe going to the dentist. Really, it’s seeing the needle puncture my skin that bothers me more than anything – I…

Low-Cost 3D Circuit Printing Kit from Texas Student Team Hits Kickstarter

Blesson Mathew, Abel Netsereab, Hien Tuong, Jean Leppez and Aby Thomas, a team of engineering students from the University of Texas Dallas, are currently working to create a fully functional 3D…

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