Stratasys Fortus

Made to Take a Hit — 3D Printed Glucose Monitor Case from Stratasys and R&D Technologies

Ten-year-olds have a tendency to treat expensive objects just like they treat cheap toys; with a complete lack of respect for their ability to take a hit and keep working….

Oreo the Dog Running Again Thanks to His 3D Printed Kneecap

Every dog has its day, and Oreo is one dog with some good days going for him. Oreo is a Canadian dog living a pretty good life… well, now he…

Catapulting Into the Skies: 3D Printed UAV Soars With Electric Ducted fan Engines

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) was established in 2001: it is a collaboration between England’s University of Sheffield and Boeing. Since its inception, the AMRC has grown considerably, and…