Steve Nigro

Exclusive Interview: HP Introduces New Global Head of 3D Printing Commercial Expansion & Development

When HP makes a move, the industry pays attention. In 2015, HP Inc. parted ways with Hewlett-Packard Enterprises, keeping the intellectual property for its upcoming 3D printing business as the…

HP Will Start Shipping Their Multi Jet 3D Printer This Year, Presenting Panel at SXSW

Next week the new, slimmer HP Inc., now fully divested of its other half, is set to see if their gamble to go all in with 3D printing was the…

Looking Ahead: Will HP Inc. Dominate 3D Printing in 2016? Or Will they Stumble Out of the Gate?

In a year full of ups and downs, one of the biggest stories, and potentially the most disruptive, was the impending entry of HP Inc. into the 3D printing industry….