3D Printing with Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites for Smart Textiles

In the recently published ‘FDM 3D printing of conductive polymer nanocomposites: A novel process for functional and smart textiles,’ dissertation student Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar explores digital fabrication with composites for…

Cosyflex: Tamicare’s 3D Textile Printing Technology Goes into Mass Production

Like many 3D printed inventions, smart textiles still seem, to me, to be straight out of a science fiction novel or movie. A dress that knows when you’re stressed out? We’ve…

Ancient Bacteria Powers This Printed Bio-Skin Clothing That Opens Air Vents as You Sweat

In 1086 famous samurai and the commander-in-chief of the defense of the North of Japan Minamoto no Yoshiie was in the midst of an extended battle campaign. While he and…

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