SciFutures & Hershey’s 3D Print Chocolate, Transform Sci-Fi Into Reality

SciFutures, a California-based futuristic tech startup, is leading a truly revolutionary market of sci-fi prototyping. The team, led by CEO Ari Popper and CTO Scott Susskind, is focused on bringing…

Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Doll & Action Figure Playsets

When I was a kid, like any child from the ’80s, I played with a lot of action figures. Toys like Star Wars figures, GI Joe and Transformers were all things…

Spherical Flying Machine Inspired by Sci-Fi is Created With 3D Printing

A group of 3D printing, high-tech flying machine enthusiasts, and sci-fi fans combined their know-how to design and construct a spherical drone-style aircraft for a local flying machine design competition….

3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — March 21, 2015

This week’s news we didn’t cover kicks off with a topic that so many printing enthusiasts love: printable figures inspired by artistic characters. We have printable robot files included with a…

Terry Gilliam’s New Film ‘The Zero Theorem’ Relies on 3D Printed Futuristic Props

Terry Gilliam, screenwriter, director, animator, and actor is often remembered as a member of the Monty Python comedy group. His distinctive style of animation during his time with Monty Python…

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