From the Drama, a Suspension: Kickstarter Pulls the Plug on NexD1 3D Printer Campaign

We were excited about the NexD1 3D printer from Germany-based Next Dynamics, and we weren’t alone. The 3D printer seemed versatile, multi-functional, and even promised the capability to 3D print…

3D Printing Helps Scammers Perfect ATM Skimming

Over the years there have been a number of internet forums pop up related to the theft of financial information. Some of these forums get busted by authorities, while others…

Puget Technologies’ (PUGE) 3D Printers, The Sketchy History

Penny stock trading is a risky maneuver on anyone’s part. On one hand, the stocks are very volatile, while on the other, the majority of these OTCBB stocks usually end…

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