Bottletop and Ai Build Use Sustainable Materials to 3D Print Store Interior

Holiday shoppers near 84 Regent Street in London should be on the lookout for Bottletop, the world’s first store with a 3D printed interior created by KUKA robots using sustainable…

With Reflow, Yesterday’s Trash Can be Today’s 3D Printed Treasure—and Wastepickers Get Paid!

Trash. What to do with it is part of our internal daily conversation from the minute we wake up and need to toss away a tissue or used coffee grounds…

At The Inside 3D Printing/METAV Düsseldorf Conference, Participating Is Winning

The topics for the many of the presentations at Inside 3D Printing in Düsseldorf were some of the most “industry centered” in the show’s recent history. The Synergies with the METAV show may have…

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