3D Print & Eradicate with 3DKitbash! Monsters on Their Way to Earth Have Been Identified by Quin’s Intel Team

Have you been following the 3DKitbash story of Quin, our favorite 3D printed doll who came to Earth from Filamento? As we all work hard to stave off the demise…

3DKitbash & Bold Machines Unveil A Life-Sized 3D Printed Quin Doll

“One night, while working late in her makeshift lab, Quin finally figured out how she could make her way to Earth – teleportation through a 3D printer! She finished typing her code,…

3DKitbash Unveils First Printed Models of NiQ, the Easily 3D Printable Alien Action Figure

3D printed action figures have been becoming quite popular as of late, and I’m not referring to 3D printed figurines that just sit there and look pretty. I’m talking about fully…

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