3D Print & Eradicate with 3DKitbash! Monsters on Their Way to Earth Have Been Identified by Quin’s Intel Team


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Have you been following the 3DKitbash story of Quin, our favorite 3D printed doll who came to Earth from Filamento? As we all work hard to stave off the demise of Quin and her 3D printed crew–as well as the entire planet from destruction–the plot has thickened.

While the threat of angry monsters who have stolen Quin’s technology for traveling to Earth has been on the horizon, we’ve just received a great deal more information about them.

According to information from 3DKitBash on their Kickstarter campaign, with only a little over two weeks to go, time is running out as they ask not only for your support in helping them to raise the rest of their $4,000 goal but also as forces must gather together on Earth, with as many individuals as possible using their own 3D printers ‘as ground zero’ for fighting these monsters and saving our planet. With the motto ‘3D print, diffuse, eradicate,’ the 3DKitBash team asks everyone to work together.

“With the successful funding of the Kickstarter,” 3DKitbash co-founder Quincy Robinson told 3DPrint.com, “all 3 of these monsters will be able to teleport (3D print) onto some of the smallest 3D printer build platforms (100x100x100mm) with ease! …Of course, if they find a larger 3D printer, these brutes can become GIANTS!”

UntitledThe plan of attack, as we reported recently regarding the Kickstarter campaign for this fight, is for as many brave individuals as possible to pledge their support with order for a variety of downloads in the form of 3D printable monsters. Once 3D printed by you–and everyone else–their energy begins to diffuse bit by bit. Previously, however, we were not aware of their specific natures. 3DKitbash, who has been on red alert and waiting to receive information from Quin’s intel team, has now passed on to us that the three monsters on the loose and headed straight for our beloved Earth:

“With this round of monsters we’re seeing a focus on electrical powers and abilities. We suspect this degree of control over atoms and their states may have something to do with how these creatures discovered the teleportation process in the first place,” Robinson tells us.

The monsters are:

Tonpink – this monster has a class of 2.0 atmospheric assault. He is three meters tall, weighs one ton, and has a wingspan of seven meters. Intelligence states that he is fast and maneuverable and is often used by the rest of the team as a scout or ‘early assault unit.’ Smaller in size, he is fast, knows how to teleport, and according to information just in, he is ‘a devastating creature to encounter.’ As an interesting side note, however, foodie Earthlings: his claws are said to be delicious if you can catch him and harvest them for a feast. His talents are in extremely accurate teleportation, as well as:

  • Psionic Ping – The Tonpink monster can vibrate and ‘clang claws’ to confuse and disorient nearby units.
  • Vacuum Slash – He can swipe his claws with such speed that a ripple vacuum is formed and thrown as a projectile. This can stun and/or rip apart on contact with target.
  • Ejectable Limbs – He has the ability to readily release a wounded or captured limb. Limbs can also regenerate and can be used as projectiles.


Murkagon – this monster has a class of 3.5 siege. He is formidable creature with a tank height of 30 meters and a weight of 16,000 tons. Referred to as a ‘walking fortress,’ Murkagon is the soldier sent into battles first because of his seemingly bulletproof exterior. He is resistant to assault and able to attack his enemies continually, beating them down and striking fear in all. His special attacks are:

  • Teleportation – He is highly competent at teleportation, and can also teleport freely within non-digital environments, although somewhat slowly.
  • Mega Ton Tongue – Murkagon’s tongue can be used as a battering ram to destroy fortifications and buildings.
  • Acidic Gut Gas –  He can release large clouds of acidic burps that linger in the air and cause ongoing damage and impairments.
  • Mega Electro Pulse –  He can release a huge electromagnetic pulse that can effectively wipe out any unprotected electronics. This attack (at this size) can cause confusion in fellow monsters.

Gankra –  this monster is a Class 5 Destroyer. He stands 48 meters tall, has a length of 105 meters, and weighs 22,000 tons. According to intelligence from 3DKitbash, little is known about Gankra, who is not from Filamento, which makes him even more frightening due to the unknown. According to what little is known, he is ‘vicious, big, and holds a command-like position within the enemy ranks.’

He initiates attacking of the enemy and waits until they are compromised to come in and finish them off himself. He is said to be intelligent and calculating. His special attacks are:

  • Teleportation: Gankra also has the ability to teleport through 3D printers, as well as within non-digital environments, although slowly.
  • Stun Stomp: He can release a pulse of energy (triggered by a stomp) that can stun nearby creatures. Not effective on flying units.
  • Bone Shards: He can launch jagged shards by whipping his tail and boney spikes at the opponent.
  • Shock Skin: Skin can be electrified to deter physical attacks.
  • Electro Pulse: He can release an electromagnetic pulse that can effectively wipe out any unprotected electronics.
  • Fusion Blaze: Gankra’s body will begin to glow ominously before he lets loose with a concentrated blast of electromagnetic radiation from his mouth.

As we reported previously, 3DKitbash is calling on you to support their Kickstarter campaign, and turn your 3D printer into a Monster Landing Zone, and they have even recently posted to a 3D printable Monster Landing Zone Plaque and Gankra Skull Charm to Thingiverse for you to print and further advance your own arsenal. They ask that you spread the word about this important campaign to diffuse the energy of these monsters from space, with an end date of October 31.

“If you are wanting to join us in preparing for the fight, please join us on Instagram (@3DKitbash) and post pictures of your prepping process using the hashtag: #QuinSaga,” Robinson added.

Discuss these new designs in the 3DKitBash forum thread on 3DPB.com.



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