The 3D Printing Octagon  

A few years ago I started to think of 3D printing as a triangle where you had to control for each part of the delta: software, machines, and materials. I’ve… Interviews Cole Brubaker of Halmos Technologies for nanofunctionalized materials for 3D printing

A few weeks ago we read about Cole Brubaker’s fascinating research at Vanderbilt University on nanofunctionalized materials for 3D printing. Together with a team, he had looked into gold nanoparticles and…

EOS and MTU Collaborate in Designing Quality Assurance Technology for 3D Printing

3D printing with metal is leading the way in the most recent industrial revolution due to its applications with a variety of very strong materials and potential for high resolution…

ObjectForm and QA Team to Offer 3D Printing Courses Within the UK

There is no doubt that 3D printing will play an expansive role in the future of just about every industry out there. As the technology progresses, the adoption rates rise,…

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