Wyss Institute Researchers Continue to Advance Organ Engineering Through 3D Bioprinting

An organ transplant is a pretty miraculous procedure on its own, and its development and continuing improvement has enormously benefited its recipients. More than 30,000 people receive transplants each year…

New $250,000 Cash R&D Tax Credit Ideal for 3D Bioprinting

3D printing has become a revolutionizing industry in hundreds of areas like commercial products and engineering, but the development has been especially notable in the biomedical field. It is being…

Microfabrica and US Endoscopy Partner to Create a Tiny 3D Printed Weapon in the Huge Battle Against Pancreatic Cancer

Any cancer diagnosis is frightening, but pancreatic cancer is especially so. It’s more difficult to treat than other types of cancers, as it spreads rapidly and is rarely detected until…

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