Formlabs’ PopUp 3D Printing Factory Prints 500 Items in 2 Days at Solid Conference

What happens when you have a dozen 3D printers and two days of time to use them? You end up with 500 3D prints of some soldered and assembled, wearable…

Nascent Objects Allows You to Order & Customize 3D Printed Electronics with Interchangeable ‘Snap-In’ Modules

You may be discovering from a workshop that attempting to 3D print electronics from scratch isn’t as easy as you initially thought–and streamlining the process could not only take down the…

Formlabs to Create First Popup 3D Printing Manufacturing Factory at Solid Conference, San Francisco — June 23–25

3D printing is an almost always inspiring, but often very serious, business. When stories of 3D models being used to help diagnose illness and even save lives in the medical…

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