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Nascent Objects Allows You to Order & Customize 3D Printed Electronics with Interchangeable ‘Snap-In’ Modules

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download (1)You may be discovering from a workshop that attempting to 3D print electronics from scratch isn’t as easy as you initially thought–and streamlining the process could not only take down the frustration level, but completely simplify things, with the outcome being a better product overall.

California-based Nascent Objects, while demonstrating great ease in combining conductivity and 3D printing, understands how challenging the product development phase can be, and their team Untitledworks to offer you an easier route, even making it downright fun as you navigate through their system choosing product options for your 3D printed electronics, allowing the final result to be delivered right to your door. Using their technological expertise and user-friendly software, you can reach your goals pain-free.

While it can be rewarding to struggle along on your own at times, if you are in a time crunch and need to get products rolling out quickly, a platform like that offered by Nascent Objects can be much smarter, saving you substantial amounts of time with their modular electronics concept. You can switch modules out from one product to another and save up to half of what you would in buying a new device retail.

The process is as easy as telling the Nascent Objects software program what you want to build, along with the general engineering and mechanical schematics of the product through 3D modeling, dragging and dropping modules, and even coding within their app, using JavaScript API.

Your product is then built with the desired, chosen attributes in terms of 3D printing and conductivity, with pre-packaged modules that are easy to ‘snap in’ for assembly, similar to a SIM card.  Your products arrive with all the electrical components integrated.

“We’ve gotten rid of the need for upfront capital costs, minimum orders, and assembly lines,” states the team on their website.

Modules are provided for:

  • Main boards
  • Cameras
  • On-board power
  • Accelerometers
  • RGB LEDs
  • Captouch
  • Memory
  • Protoboards

UntitledSupporting both SLA and inkjet 3D printing, they provide products finished in a variety of colors and surfaces using professional 3D printers from Stratasys, 3D Systems, and EnvisionTec.

This is a dynamic company busy helping other companies but not letting any grass grow under their feet in terms of their own innovations either.

The team, comprised of a highly educated and experienced group of developers, versatile in talents, has also been in the spotlight for their own innovations, recently winning the ‘Startup Showcase’ at the 2015 O’Reilly Solid Conference. Debuting their drought-busting water conservation product at the conference, which is centered around technology involving IoT (Internet of Things), Nascent Objects competed with thirty other startups.

The first in a series of their own impressive innovations that they will use to show off their chops as they are also helping others refine theirs, H2SHOW is a smart monitor that has great potential–and especially out west where water conservation is stressed as the supply can become low and lead to dire drought situations, with California as an example, currently in the grips of a heat wave and state of emergency drought-wise.

download (1)The H2SHOW device, available for pre-order now, is placed next to a water source in the bathroom or kitchen and it keeps track of how much water is being used as well as calculating what’s left in the usage ‘budget.’

“It’s great to be able to do something to address the drought and help save water,” said Baback Elmieh, Nascent Objects’ founder and CEO. “Being able to use our technology to make this product quickly means that we can make a difference when it matters most. We started developing the H2SHOW when we heard about the water conservation mandates, and we’ll be launching it in just two months.”

download (2)Nascent Objects has not only an interesting new innovation of their own to offer to the world but through their new platform is also offering other inventors a great way to innovate and see their 3D printed electronics come to fruition quickly and easily as well.

Most of us are aware that while 3D printing is exciting, adding electronics to the mix takes the innovative euphoria to a new level for prototyping and manufacturing on all user levels. We report often on other companies who are taking the industry by storm with years of research and development coming to fruition, like Voxel8 or Graphene 3D Lab–both also offering advancements in 3D printing with electronics.

As the options grow for being able to 3D print with circuit boards, and a variety of smart materials that often take us into the 4D arena as well, innovators, scientists, and industrial designers may allow for it to sound like something you could easily re-create for your own manufacturing purposes should you have the aptitude and inclination. That may be the case, but in the meantime, what a luxury and a great service Nascent Objects is offering those who need their 3D printed electronics expediently.

Discuss your thoughts on this new platform, as well as the H2SHOW smart water budgeting device in the Nascent Objects 3D Printed Electronics forum over at 3DPB.com.


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