7 3D Printed Veggie Meats Rebuilding the Meat Industry

What makes a great meat substitute? Is it the perfect marriage of taste and texture, or the smell and juiciness that reminds people of the original deal? As subjective as…’s Top 10 Most Popular 3D Printing Stories of 2021

We finally made it to 2022! I feel like I said the same thing about 2021, but oh well. If you’ve been following along with us over the past week,…


Novameat 3D Prints “World’s Biggest” Cell-Based Meat Prototype

Alternative meat startup Novameat has unveiled what it calls the world’s biggest piece of cell-based, whole-cut meat analog. Since its foundation in 2018, the Barcelona-based startup has been 3D printing…

Interview: Giuseppe Scionti’s 3D Printed Vegan Steaks To Be Launched in 2020

Meat. Millions of people demand it. Global meat consumption has increased by 70% since the 1960s and is expected to keep on growing, while total production has grown five times…