NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program Seeks Submissions for Visionary Concepts

On Sunday, I attended Star Trek: Mission New York at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. One of the many celebratory events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the seminal science fiction…

AstroGro — The Self Sustainable 3D Printed Bio-farm For Space

Coming as a shock to no one, humans need to eat food. As NASA readies its (still decades-off) manned mission to Mars, one of the problems that need to be…

Build Giant Objects in Space With the Help of 3D Printing — Introducing The Trusselator

The Trusselator is aimed at creating, through the use of in-space additive manufacturing, a series of high-performance trusses to handle large solar arrays and antennas, and NASA says Tethers Unlimited…

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