Naked Prosthetics

3D Printing News Unpeeled, With Carbon, Oracle, Mink and Össur

Today we talk Carbon 3D printing components for Oracle, Chinese researchers advocate for distributed 3D printers to be used for a dam, Össur Acquires Naked Prosthetics and a Make up printer….

If You Think Amputation Equals Limitation, Naked Prosthetics Wants to Give You the Finger

We’ve written about prosthetics a lot lately; particularly, prosthetics that are cool, customized extensions of the wearer’s personality rather than something to be hidden. In August we first covered Naked Prosthetics,…

Naked Prosthetics Encourages Amputees to Regain Function with 3D Printed Finger Prosthetics

Most of us know someone who has lost a finger, usually in some sort of workshop or work-related accident. With the advent of modern medical devices, and especially by way of…