Bioprinting 101 – Part 14, DNA

This is part 14 of our bioprinting series. Learn about DNA and how it is leveraged for bioprinting purposes.

QMUL Researchers Use Inkjet 3D Printing and Self-Assembly Technologies to Create Constructs Using Cells and Molecules

Typically when we hear about self-assembling technology in the 3D printing world, it’s usually referring to robots or pieces of furniture that can build themselves. But researchers from Queen Mary University…

MIT CSAIL Researchers Develop 3D Printable Structures That Fold Themselves

Frequently, when we hear about self-folding 3D printable structures, they’re based on origami. But researchers from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have built a self-folding printable…

UA Researchers Use 3D Printing to Help Fight Cancer

Medicine and 3D printing continue to merge with one another. We have seen numerous applications for 3D printing within the medical field, most centering around 3D bioprinting. Today the University…

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