Issey Miyake Brand 3D Prints High-End Sandals with Magarimono

For more than two decades, Japanese luxury label Issey Miyake set out to weave the future of fashion with its revolutionary A-POC (A Piece of Cloth) brand, and in 2021…

Dual-Light Handheld 3D Scanners Introduced by Shining3D

Shining 3D has released two new dual-light source, handheld scanners, the EinScan H and EinScan HX, that broaden the capabilities and applications enabled by the company’s 3D color scanning solutions….

Shining 3D & MAGARIMONO Partner for 3D Printed Shoes

STEP DIFFERENT. Heresy as the standard for the future. New footwear unbound by conventions. Possibilities through fusing material and technology. Processes never before challenged. We aim for footwear capable of…