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3D Systems Buys Two Extrusion 3D Printing Companies to Become AM Leader

Pioneer additive manufacturing (AM) firm 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) announced the acquisition of two 3D printer manufacturers, which sheds some light on 3D Systems’ long-term plan to become a leading…

Thermwood Develops New Vertical Tech for Large Format 3D Printing

Indiana-based Thermwood Corporation is the oldest manufacturer of highly flexible 3 and 5 axis CNC routers, and entered the 3D printing industry five years ago with a unique hybrid machine….

Scaled Presents a 3D Printed Chassis Concept

Founded in 2015, Swindon-based engineering company Scaled is on a mission to, as its website states, “bring large scale 3D printing technology to production environments across the UK.” The company…

Sogeclair Believes 3D Printed Casting Patterns are the Key to the Airplane Door of the Future

Flying can be a sublime experience, especially when the plane’s design has been carefully considered and executed. Despite our human instinct to believe that supremely heavy objects such as planes…