Audi Cuts Fixture Costs by 80% with 3D Printing and trinckle’s Automation Software

At Audi’s Böllinger Höfe factory in Heilbronn, the auto company uses both manual labor and a high degree of automation to make range-topping cars such as the R8 and e-tron….

Auto Additive Introduces 3D Printing for Vehicle Repairs

Though it has long used 3D printing technology, the automotive industry has been slow to realize its potential in end part production and, more importantly, for maintenance, repair, and overhaul…


3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures Can Help Boost your Productivity

Liuzhou JingDa Automotive Brake Tube Manufacturing Co., is a leading supplier for SAIC Motor for break tubes for both Micro and Passenger cars. Mr. Bian, the technical director of JingDa,…


How 3D Printing Jigs and Fixtures Transforms Manufacturing Part II – All About Fixtures

Fixtures are essential for custom manufacturers. Fixtures hold the workpiece in place so it does not move during a step in manufacturing. Some shapes are easy to hold such as…


How 3D Printing Jigs and Fixtures Transforms Manufacturing 

In the industrial world, 3D printed jigs and fixtures are truly unsung heroes. Both jigs and fixtures are types of tools that are used to control the operation of another…