Seurat and Siemens Energy to 3D Print 59 Tons of Metal Parts

In March, the Biden Administration unveiled the $6 billion Industrial Demonstrations Program to decarbonize industrial manufacturing within a broader strategy to shift toward cleaner energy and more resilient supply chains….


PrintFoam CTO David Walker Talks the Market’s First True 3D Printed Foam

One thing you’ll notice if you talk to enough materials scientists is that they’re all passionate. These are people who really care about the things that things are made from….

The Art of 3D Printed War: Interview with Navy Engineer Scott Ziv

During one of the breaks at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference 2023 (March 19-23), I stumbled across five or so people who I noticed had “NSWC – Carderock”…

M. Holland Leads Legacy Injection Molding Users to 3D Printing Technology

Founded in 1950 in the Chicago, Illinois area, M. Holland has grown to become a large North American distributor of thermoplastic resin selling billions of pounds of materials in its…


Desktop Metal CEO Weighs in Weathering the 3D Printing Industry’s Financial Turbulence

After a year of rapid growth, consolidation, and mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPAC), the additive manufacturing (AM) industry is now undergoing some financial tumult. Several firms that were…

EOS President of North America Discusses the Future of Metal Laser 3D Printing

EOS has been the long-established leader in laser sintering, representing the largest installed base in the market. However, as companies new and old attempt to push the segment, particularly in…


The Future of 3D Printing is in the Cloud: An Interview with BuildBee’s CEO

As 3D printing continues to improve on the hardware front, there are still major obstacles to adoption on the software side of the equation, particularly when it comes to entry…


RAPID + TCT 2021 Day 1: FormAlloy, Protolabs, Dyndrite, & More

Finally, after what felt like a very long, long time, North America’s largest, most influential additive manufacturing (AM) event got back to business! The 30th edition of RAPID + TCT…


AMUG 2021: DyeMansion and Stratasys to Deliver Total Solution for 3D Printing and Finishing SAF Parts

As a new powder bed fusion process, Stratasys’s new selective absorption fusion (SAF) technology promises to deliver high-volume parts at attractive prices. Upon announcing its first SAF system alongside two…


Benny Buller on VELO3D’s SPACtacular Rise in Metal 3D Printing

2021 has already been a SPACtacular year for the 3D printing industry, with several companies already announcing mergers with special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). This includes Markforged, Rocket Lab, and…


The what, how and why: a guide to hiring in a crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the world and impacts economies, businesses and personal life. Increasing measures of isolation sees companies halting certain activities, including hiring. Employers are struggling to continue…

Interview with Zach Kaplan of Corazon Capital, mHUB and Inventables

This is a short inteview with the Founder and CEO of Inventables, Zach Kaplan. It goes into the thoughts on digital manufacturing as well as the maker movement.

3D Printing Pioneer Interview with PADT Co-Founder Eric Miller

In the primordial soup of 3D printing, in the the 1990’s a group of Allied Signal engineers were using simulation and 3D printing to design turbine engines. This group saw…

3D Printing Industry Experts Interview: Mike Vasquez

3Degrees This is part of a series of interviews of people who are active within the additive manufacturing space in Chicago. Today we will be highlighting Dr. Mike Vasquez. Dr….