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From 3DS & Intel: 3D Scan & Print Customized Selfies from the Desktop with RealSense & 3DMe

Recently as one of my teenagers was trying to Skype me on my PC while he was away from home, I found myself fumbling around with the laptop, mumbling “Does this thing…

Expand Your NUC’s Capabilities with Intel’s 3D Printable Lids

If you are a fan of smaller-scale computing, then you probably already know about the Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing). It’s a customizable micro-sized (4.53″ x 4.37″ x 1.92″)…

Details Emerge About Intel’s 3D Printed Robot ‘Jimmy’

If I was to tell you five years ago, that by 2015 you will be able to print a robot out on a printer, you would probably have thought I was insane….