Disney Research Just Invented a “3D Copier” That Uses Light-Cured Resin to Duplicate Entire Objects Instantly

Using light-cured resins to 3D print physical objects is not a new technology. In fact, the oldest form of 3D printing is stereolithography (SLA), a process that uses a laser…

NewPro3D Hits CES 2016 to Show Off Their Super Fast ILI 3D Printer

After their very public spat with a rival light-cured resin 3D printer manufacturer in November, the Canada-based NewPro3D had been keeping a relatively low profile. While the company was almost…

NEXA3D versus NewPro3D: What Happens When You Kickstart Technology without a Patent

About two weeks ago a new 3D printer manufacturer called NEXA3D launched a Kickstarter campaign for the NX1. The superfast light-cured resin 3D printer boasted lightning fast printing speeds thanks…

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