Retail Therapy Patients: Try Taking It to the Next Level With Virtual & Augmented Reality

Whether you are building a new home and buying all new furniture, remodeling, or just adding a new couch and chair to spruce up the living room, adding to your…

DIYer 3D Prints and Wires a Programmable Home Thermostat

These days, we’re more inclined to ask, “Is there anything that can’t be 3D printed?” than we are to exclaim in astonishment at the latest 3D printing feat. From 3D printed…

Home Depot and MakerBot to Expand Their In-Store Pilot Program to 39 Stores Total in U.S.

Home Depot and MakerBot have teamed up today to answer the now mainstream question of “Hey, how do I get one of those 3D printers?” with a surprisingly mainstream partnership….

3D Printing Market Evolving Fast as Print-on-Premises Disrupts Early Leaders

The 3D printing market has never been one to stand still, but a recent Appinions report shows it to be shaking up even faster than imagined. The new study shows…

Home Depot Teams With MakerBot to Offer 3D Printers Online and in Stores

With competition in the consumer market for 3D printers heating up significantly over the last year, partnerships are very important to companies wishing to take their products a step further…

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