How Will Teachers Adopt 3D Printing?

3D printing is everywhere, impacting industries such as healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing and practically any other area you can think of. However, in the big picture, adoption of the technology is…

Chris Halliday Creates 3D Printed Automotive Parts to Spark Students’ Interest

There seems to be no doubt anymore about the benefits of teaching students about advanced technology such as 3D printing. Finding ways to integrate it into the curriculum is getting…

Dremel Introduces DigiLab Suite with 3D45 Printer for More Advanced 3D Printing in STEAM Education

First known for its rotary power tools, and then for being one of the first nationally recognized brand names to adopt 3D printing, Dremel continues to impress with its focus on education….

How 3D Printing Facilitates Interactive Learning

In recent years, three-dimensional, or 3D, printing technology has experienced rapid development. In just the past year, 3D printing improvements have been found in various technologies such as printers for use…

High School Students Create 3D Printed Prosthetic For One Grateful Individual

As 3D technology becomes more commonly integrated at earlier stages of education, students are producing surprisingly advanced products. Last January, Jayme Sims lost four of his fingers in a wood…

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