Mammoth Makes 3D Printing Smoother: Mixed Dimensions Introduces Next-Generation 3D File Repair Technology

In 2014, San Francisco-based startup Mixed Dimensions introduced its MakePrintable service, which quickly and easily fixes common 3D printing problems. The service’s free analysis tool checks users’ files for printability,…

MIT’s CSAIL Researchers Develop a Glasses-Free Way to Watch 3D Movies at Home: the Home3D System

Going to see a movie in 3D is a cool experience, but it comes with an essential tool – 3D glasses. As I already wear glasses, not contact lenses, it…

DARPA Develops Virtual Eye That Captures a Real Time Virtual Reality View Using Two Cameras

During a disaster situation, first responders benefit from one thing above anything else: accurate information about the environment that they are about to enter. Having foreknowledge of specific building layouts,…

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