Australian Researchers Using Bioengineering and 3D Printing to Design Better Replacement Bone Ligament Constructs

The most common type of wrist ligament injury occurs with the Scapholunate Interosseous Ligament (SLIL). Injuries to this particular ligament can lead to the dislocation of the lunate and scaphoid carpal bones…

Any Thoughts, Mate? Australian Bust Furthers Conversation Regarding Criminalization of 3D Printed Guns

A few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. It’s a saying we all know well, and it keeps ringing in my head regarding 3D printing and guns. Those errant…

Australia’s Gold Coast: Loaded 3D Printed Gun Found in Raid of Sophisticated Meth Lab

It was bound to happen, but who would have thought so soon? Just on the heels of further Aussie legislation and restrictions on 3D printed guns so as to begin pre-empting…

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