The Gizmo 3D Printer Suffers Delay Due to PayPal Freezing Their Account

This week, Australia-based startup Gizmo 3D Printers has run into a production delay thanks to online payment service PayPal. On an update posted to their successfully funded Indiegogo campaign page,…

iMakr’s Desktop 3D Printing Show: Nonstop Action in 3D Printing & Scanning

For a city with millennia of history, London is singularly in tune with the future, as I relearned this past week in my first visit in a decade. I was…

3D Printed in Just 19 Minutes, Hollow Ball Can Withstand Almost 30 Kg of Weight, Thanks to Gizmo 3D’s Technology

Typically when you think of the tradeoff between 3D printing speed and the quality in which the parts that come off of these printers exhibit, they have a negative correlation….

Gizmo 3D’s DLP Printers Advance – Layerless Printing, Distributed Slicing, Gizmetor & More

You may recall, back in March, we broke a story on a new DLP 3D printer manufacturer originating out of Australia, called Gizmo 3D. Their groundbreaking 3D printing method was…

15 of The Most Popular 3D Printing Stories For The First Half of 2015

As we rapidly approach the halfway point of 2015, two questions have popped into my head. The first, “Where has the first half of the year gone?” And the second,…

Autodesk’s Ember Research Team Experiments with True Speed of Top-Down SLA DLP 3D Printing

Andreas Bastian, a 3D printing research scientist at Autodesk, decided to put his job title to the most literal use upon building a top-down DLP 3D printer to see what…

Has This Australian Company Just One-Upped Carbon3D’s Super Fast 3D Printer?

It was just last week that we reported on a company called Carbon3D, who had just unveiled a “breakthrough” 3D printing process referred to as Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP)….

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