3D Images of 20,000 Vertebrates Open Source with oVert Museum Specimen Initiative

While 3D scanning has been used to solve a murder case and recreate a metal passenger aircraft, among other things, it’s really making a positive impact for museums. But I’m…

How University of Florida Researchers are Using 3D Printing and Digital Fossils to Improve Education

A recently conducted case study on the effectiveness of utilizing 3D printing technology to teach intricate subjects within science to young students showcases what researchers from the University of Florida have…

3D Photomicrography Helped Identify and 3D Print Replica of Oldest Chameleon Fossil Ever Found Encased in Amber

I’m sure that we’ve all seen Jurassic Park at this point and are more than familiar with the concept of ancient creatures preserved inside of fossilized tree resin, which today we…

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