3D Printed Wheat Bran Combines with UV Printing to Create Colorful Designs

Polish startup GREENFILL3D continues to expand the applications for its wheat bran 3D printing feedstock. To make its GF3D Branfill3d material, the company combines PLA with waste from pasta manufacturing….


De-Hyper: Can 3D Printing Alone Solve the Climate Crisis? Probably Not.

Given the compounding human-caused, ecological crises facing life on earth at the moment, I’ve been interested in speaking to experts to understand what role, if any, 3D printing and technology…

Industrie 4.0: Mein Har(t)z Brennt Part 2 Doubleplusgood

In the face of apathy, new dreams are emerging. From a technocratic perspective, these new dreams make sense. But just as we’ve seen with the European dream, an ever closer…