Turn Your 3D Printer into a Laser Cutter with a 40% Discount from Endurance Lasers

Recently, 3DPrint.com held a giveaway offering a free 5.6W laser cutter/engraver attachment that can be installed on any FFF 3D printer or CNC mill. While that giveaway has officially ended…

Did a 3D Printer Just Kill People?

No. A story this weekend from CBS’ San Francisco affiliate KPIX first reported the death of Roger and Valerie Morash of Berkeley. The article claimed that a “source said that…

Configurable Commercial Quality Versa3D Desktop Fabrication Machine Launches on Kickstarter

The current trend of low-cost starter 3D printers has seemed to dominate the 3D printing industry for the past year, and while it has produced several great options of bringing…

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