Human-Computer Interaction Institute 3D Prints Special Prosthesis for Young Cello Player

According to the Wohlers Report 2016, the 3D printing industry was over $5.1 billion back in 2015, and it’s continued to grow into the $10 billion a year industry it is…

Making Music: Creating a 3D Printed Cello

I teach an introductory design studio in which students are required to make a plan for teaching themselves something that they have always wanted to learn. Each of the times…

3D Printed Cello, 2-String Violin & Single String Bass Guitar Stun Crowds at 3D Print Week NY

Back in March, 3DPrint.com broke a story on a 3D printed 2-string piezoelectric violin which MONAD Studio had announced they would be unveiling at MecklerMedia’s 3D Print Week NY event….