3D Printing & Conductivity: Preparing New Polymer Bioinks for Electronics & Other Applications

International researchers delve into the area of materials science and 3D printing—a common theme today—but in this study, conductivity is the focus. Detailing their findings in the recently published ‘3D…

Aerospace 3D Printing Pioneers Join Forces as Premium AEROTEC Acquires APWORKS

APWORKS is an expert in metal 3D printing, and has been involved with initiatives and partnerships all over the industry. Until now, APWORKS has been a subsidiary of Airbus, itself a…

Swanson School of Engineering & Aerotech Partner to Refine Metal Additive Manufacturing with Fast Computational Modeling

3D printing, now available to anyone who is able save up at least a few hundred bucks and enjoy a minor learning curve, has indeed begun to infiltrate the mainstream….