Studying How Disease Metastasizes Using a Lifelike Cancer Environment Created with 3D Jet Writing

It’s probably safe to say that most people have been affected by cancer in one way or another, whether in being diagnosed themselves or watching a loved one battle the…

Five Children Receive Ear Implants Made From Their Own Cells, Thanks to 3D Printed Molds and Scaffolds

Unilateral microtia is a congenital deformity that impacts the function and shape of the ear, and according to the Stanford Ear Institute, it’s estimated to occur in roughly one out of every…

3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue Constructs Used to Develop More Accurate Drug Toxicity Testing System

While many think that bioprinting means that we’ll soon be able to 3D print a brand new organ with the touch of a button, that’s not the case quite yet….

Researchers Use PowerPoint Slide and LED Projector to Create Self-Folding 3D Origami Structures

I remember learning about Microsoft PowerPoint for the first time when I was in junior high, and since then I have used the program often; little did I know that a…

3D Structures Added to canSAR Database Will Help to Study & Stop Cancer Cells in Their Tracks

Lately, it’s rare to hear the words ‘medical’ and ‘experimental’ without 3D technology being included as well. A range of different 3D imaging techniques, along with 3D printing, are currently…

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