3D Printing Customized Printlets Creates Personal Pharmaceutical Solutions — A Few Questions For: FabRx

Some medications don’t require a spoonful of sugar to go down easier — just 3D printing them into customized shapes and formulations might be just what the doctor (very literally)…

Study Shows High Accuracy of Medicinal 3D Printing

A study led by University of Cambridge Post-Doctoral Researcher Dr. Daniel Markl and Chemical Engineering professor Dr. Axel Zeitler demonstrated the viability of 3D printing technology in structuring and printing active…

From Multiply Labs: Pre-Order Now to Design & Customize Your Own 3D Printed, Multi-Release Supplements

For those just catching a glimpse into 3D printing, it may seem like a conglomeration worldwide of outrageous innovations—some which could possibly offer benefit—and others which seem incredible but are…

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