Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Unique Desk and Tabletop Lamps

If you read this column regularly then my, let’s call it 3D printable lighting fixation, is probably well-known. And it is true, there has never been a 3D printable lamp…

Let a 3D Printed Minecraft Nightlight Brighten Your Child’s World

Regarding the title of this article, I am quite aware that it is not just children who are obsessed with Minecraft. In fact, I work with children of all ages,…

3D Print and Customize This Great, Retro-Looking, Foldable Nightlight

There’s something extra clever about making something appear low-tech when using high-tech tools. Here’s a 3D printed nightlight that hints at origami origins and maker inclinations from a first-time Instructables…

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