3d printed flower pots

Weekly Roundup: Ten 3D Printable Things – Cool and Unique Planters & Flower Pots

As the delayed winter weather finally starts to kick in all over the country, it is going to be pretty easy to get the seasonal blues this year. Especially after…

This Week’s Top 3D Printable 3DShare Models: Carabiners, Plant Holders, a Star Trek Button, & More!

This week’s top 3D Share models represent the variety of models on the site that continues to have one of the largest selection of printable models out there. Some models are functional…

Dendritas: Unique 3D Printed Nature Based Flower Pots Formulated Through Algorithms

One of the amazing things about 3D printing, is that it allows for a new form of art that was not available to most artists only a few years ago….