3d printed catheter

Stanford University Researchers Create Better Cardiac Catheter Devices with 3D Printing

The heart disorder atrial fibrillation, or AFib, is the most common rhythm disorder, and causes patients to have irregular, often rapid heartbeats, which messes up blood flow from the heart…

Northeastern University: Researchers Invent 3D Magnetic Printing, Make Neonatal Catheters

The impacts that are being made with 3D printing are undeniably amazing, as we watch creative innovations being made in art and design rocking events and runways, important inventions for self-sustainability…

3D Printed Models used to develop Smart Cardiac Catheters by EU Researchers and Materialise

The European Union recently awarded funding to Belgium-based additive manufacturing company, Materialise. Materialise is receiving funding as part of the Cognitive Autonomous Catheter Operating in Dynamic Environments, or ‘Cascade Project’….