3D Print This Case For Your Raspberry Pi 2

It was originally conceived back in 2006 as a tiny – and very affordable – computer for kids. When Eben Upton, Rob Mullins, Jack Lang and Alan Mycroft took on…

Brains & Beauty: A 3D Printed Battery Pack for LED Hikaru Skirt

“Any girl can and should make, code, and hack.” – SexyCyborg While lighting and fashion have gone hand in hand forever, it seems, it’s usually in the case of strobe…

Made to Take a Hit — 3D Printed Glucose Monitor Case from Stratasys and R&D Technologies

Ten-year-olds have a tendency to treat expensive objects just like they treat cheap toys; with a complete lack of respect for their ability to take a hit and keep working….

Gumdrop Cases Gets into 3D Printing Game With Custom 3D Case Molding

Gumdrop Cases recently announced that its turning to 3D printing with its line of cases. Gumdrop Cases makes cases for smartphones, tablets, iPods and Macbooks. They are “ruggedized” meaning they…

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